Analyzer measures Glycated Albumin and HA1c for diabetic patients. Healthcare professionals will have quantitative result rapidly with the highest accuracy and precision.

        Model: Ep.414

  • Automatic walk-away convenience
  • Pipette-free operation
  • Multiple diabetes tests & rapid test reader
  • Flexible for future parameters 

Key Features

Test item card
- Item selection
- Reagent calibration  
- Expiry date / Lot No.

Full-IT LIS connectivity Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB
- Software upgrade

- Data trasfer

Built-in printer & Built-in speaker
- Voice instruction

Manageable units

5-inch full color LCD

with touch screen

Automatic cartridge loader


  Model Number
  Dimension (cm) 20.0 (W) x 42.0 (L) x 22.0 (H) cm
  Weight 2.5 Kg
  Power DC 12 V adapter (Optional : Ext. battery)
  Data O-ID : 100 ID
 P-ID : 500 ID
 Glycated Albumin : Up to 10,000 results
 HbA1c : Up to 500 results
 Control : Up to 500 results

  Assay time Glycated Albumin : < 7 minutes
 Albumin : 
< 3 minutes
 HbA1c : 
< 3 minutes

 Methodology Reflectance bi-chromatic photometry

Contents List

 Analyzer SetAnalyzerEp.4141 unit

AdapterDC 12V adapter1 pc

Printer paperThermal type1 roll

ManualIn English1 pc

Supervisor cardNFC type1 pc